Monday, March 16

Year in Review

Like I mentioned in my last post, I've now had this blog for a year.  Now that I'm a year older and my blog is a year older I've been thinking about what's happened in what feels like such a short time.  I figured I'd post some of my favorite (or even not so favorite) posts to summarize the last year.

First Blog Entry - Like with everything, I had big grand ideas.  New header every month, a weekly photo, horrid dating stories, etc.  Weekly photo?  Ha!  New header?  Ha!  I haven't even changed the header once.  I should update though...

Trip to Arizona - Pictures from my trip to Arizona for my friends wedding.  It was a blast, and I really want to go back.  Looking at the pictures makes me want to go back even more.

My Addiction - I admit that this single sister enjoys her shoes.  And I will admit now that my shoe collection has grown.  How many pairs?  I'm too afraid to count.

Dating - I start dating again and as I type that I realize that May started my horrid year of dating.  Lets hope it was just a year and things will turn around this coming May.

Dating Fail - The first of many to come...

The Single Sister gets a new addition - The single sister says "Screw dating, I'm getting a hedgehog!"  Jamie and I also like to mark this occasion as the day our "Adopted Love Child" brought us together.  The random trip to Mankato to get Ruby finally is what made Jamie realize that it wasn't weird that we dated the same guy and we've been friends ever since.

The Single Sister finds out just how small the online dating world is - It honestly is...this guy then went on and started talking to Jamie after we mutually called it quits.  


Is it time for The Single Sister to move up in the world? - I start thinking about if its time to stop renting and make my stay in O-town a little more permanent.  

Nope, she's not - After a lot of back and forth I decide that the townhouse wasn't going to be in my near future.  And a house wasn't going to work either.  

ANOTHER addition to the Single Sister household....another single sister! - I get a Roomie!  Ruby just wasn't satisfied as an Adoptive Love Child until her "parents" were under one roof.

We did it and we didn't die! - Jamie bring the dare devil out of me and gets me to go on the Slingshot. Check out the video.  It still makes me laugh.  We were just discussing that we might need to make this a yearly occurrence.

She's here - The Roomie moves in...its official.

September Updates - I take Diego to Valley Fair and we both go on our first roller coaster ever.  And I say goodbye to one guy and hello to another...only to eventually say goodbye.

Apparently October was pretty dull...nothing noteworthy.

I'll revise that last statement, apparently I just had a case of neglet-o-blog.  I update October here with tales of scrapbooking and halloween.

Yet another addition to the single sister household - At least this time it wasn't a living breathing thing.  We get a wii and things haven't been the same since.

I told you I had a shoe problem - I even wrote a Haiku about them. Update - I did buy new shoes to replace the broken ones.

Ruby says Merry Christmas - and isn't too happy about it.

I find out the family curse does get passed down - and I really am as klutzy as my sisters. Update - its been 2 months and I still have a slight bruise, bump, and it still hurts to touch.

I take a break from my Dating Strike - Not sure if it was a good thing...things didn't really work.

10 Rules for Online Dating - Annoying things guys do on dating sites.

5 Rules for Going Out to the Bar with Jamie - Its never dull with the Roomie around.

Nothing exciting to report in March.  Well, I did turn the big 25 a quarter of a century and won a blog giveaway on one of my favorite blogs (no, it wasn't a pioneer woman giveaway...but close).  And I was able to finally find a wii fit to purchase (so much fun).  

My summary on the last year?  Romantically disappointing but grew a lot personally.  Lets hope for some better results in the romantic relationships next year.  I may have coined myself as The Single Sister, but I don't want to stay that way.

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