Sunday, April 27


I have a confession to make.  

I like shoes.

This is probably no shock to anyone who knows me.  My love for shoes is right up there with purses, bags, and jewelry.  But while I was doing some reorganization in my closet, and I kept finding more and more pairs of shoes, I realized that I think I have a few too many.  How many is a few too many?  I had to find out.  

And after gathering them all together the sight was sridiculous that I knew I had to photograph and blog about it. 


I am the owner of 34 pairs of shoes.  I need to know, is this normal?  Do most girls have this many shoes?

Do I need 34 pairs of shoes?  No, probably not.  But at the time of purchase I'm sure I had a darn good reason for buying them.  Like the Black Patent Leather pair (middle row second from the right) that I got in Chicago for my cousins wedding.  Or the black ballet flats to go with my purple dress because I forgot I already had a pair of black flats.  And the pink(!) and green sneakers I got because, well, they were pink(!).  Have you ever seen pinker sneakers than those?  Me neither.  

I know, I need to stop buying shoes.  A girl doesn't need 5 pairs of brown flip flops, or 5 pairs of boots.

At least I have an excuse to keep buying more jewelry, I'm just expanding my business.  ;o)


  1. Honestly, if I had some extra money to spend I would buy a couple pairs of shoes. I already know what I would like and "need", but feel the money should go to other things right now.
    This is one thing to enjoy about being single. ENJOY!

  2. I'm pretty sure that between Damon and I we probably have double that amount... I like my shoes but Damon is crazy about work boots - if he has 2 pairs he has 10+... I'm with Ton... enjoy being single and spending your money on such fun things and on yourself!

  3. Hi! I happened to stumble upon your blog as I was sifting recipes from Pioneer Woman's blog :) And first of all, i LOVE shoes too! But my question is how do you get an awesome background/title on your blogger like you have? Thanks!

  4. Your blog entry left me wondering, "How many pairs of shoes do I have?" Drum roll please....56 pairs!!! Yikes!!! But, I do wear them all (at least I tell myself that). As far as your pink and green sneakers go....I think I have the exact same pair!! I was suckered too because of their pinkness.

    Ohhh.....I was just looking at your picture and I noticed the sock monkey slippers we both just had to have. I think I'm going to have to get the "Spring" version. Open - toed slippers, gotta have them! :D Shoe shopping is fun! - Michelle

  5. Michelle~

    Wow! 56 pairs?! Where do you keep them all at in that small house of yours? LoL

    I love that we have the same pink and green 'Roos.

  6. Some how I manage to find room. :) It was definitely a good idea when Brian converted the Laundry Room into my closet! I wore the 'Roos today - thanks to your blog I remembered I had them. :)