Wednesday, March 12

What am I doing?

Good question. But here I am, jumping on the Blog-Wagon and joining my sisters in the blogging world.

What do I have to blog about? I'm not entirely sure.

I'll stay away from any talk about work. I don't want to get "Dooced". 
(definition from"Getting fired because of something that you wrote in your weblog." The author of one of my favorite blogs, Dooce, was fired from her full-time job because of what she wrote on her blog.)

Well as it says in my blog title, I am the single sister in the Craig/Beth Bergeron family. Maybe I'll start posting "Joys of Dating" entries when I do in fact start dating again. Actually, that gets me thinking of my next blog post: eHarmony: Third Time the Charm?  

Don't worry, this isn't going to turn into a woe-is-me-and-my-single-life blog.  

My sisters have that one covered; and

Maybe this blog will get me to take more pictures and design more. Once I do start, I'll start
posting a daily photo. Wait - backup - edit - I'll start posting a weekly photo. Thats probably more realistic in the world of Emily.

So here it is, welcome to The Single Sister.  Leave comments, even if its just to say hi, I like comments.  :o)


  1. ahhh...first comment...i'll take it. Looking forward to see what you come up with Em ;-)

  2. I like it! Maybe the empty thought bubble is most telling!

  3. I love your design for the site. super cute. You have plenty to blog about from your last relationship alone! -Abby

  4. The look of your blog is very 'you'
    I like it, especially the little men on sticks ;-) Mom

  5. Very cute, Em! I'll add it to my daily blog tour!

    Emily, Emily, quite contrary, how does her garden grow?
    With bluebells, cockel shells, and boys with sticks up their asses all in a row.

    The rhythm doesn't work, but that's never stopped me before!