Sunday, February 1

Ice Skating

The dating strike has gone into negotiations...Sam and Chris went on a double date with the Apple Boy and I. Sam, Chris and I figure that we hadn't been on ice skates in 10+ years. So we knew it was going to be pretty entertaining. It was slow going...especially for Chris. And only one of us was Chris. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Chris trying to regain his balance...Me and Apple Boy trying to look cute...
Me and Apple Boy
Chris and Sam
Chris discovered that having Sam pull him worked the best.


  1. I kinda like that sled/chair thing in the background of the last picture, that looks to be about my style. Cute pics, and where did Apple Boy come from? must have details...

  2. haha...we were pretty close to getting one of those things for Chris.

  3. I love the photos; it looks like you all had a great time. I must admit, too, that Apple Boy is pretty cute!