Saturday, August 16

We did it!

And we didn't die!

Since my last post all I was able to think about where all the possible things that could go wrong on that ride.  But something in the back of my brain kept saying that I should just do it, this will probably be the only time I won't chicken out.  And in the words of The Roomie, "If its my time to go, its my time to go."  

I know its kind of sad, but this is the most daring thing I've ever done. I'm kind of a chicken when it comes to these kinds of things. I was never much of a fair ride kid growing up.  There was that one summer that I blew all my summer allowance on the rides at the Wild Rice Festival back home, but after that summer my stomach just couldn't handle rides anymore.  

So Friday night The Roomie, Derik (we drug him along for moral support), and I went to the fair and headed straight for The Sling Shot.  There was no avoiding this, we were going to do it.  There was also no time to think about it or the many ways that I was about to die.  We paid our $50, I hugged my coworkers that met us there to watch the craziness, and we climbed the steps to what I was sure was going to be my impending death.  

As you'll hear my Roomie say in the video below, the anticipation is the worst part.  They strap you in and away you go, no count down or anything.  You are sitting there strapped in, next thing you know your being flung through the air at over 70 mph, you see the ground getting smaller, and you see that your going past the top of the 160 foot blue towers, you just hope that the bungee will hold and snap you back down to earth so your not catapulted out to space, or over to China.  

Don't get me wrong, my Roomie would love to meet marry and have his babies Michael Phelps, but I don't think that would be her ideal way to get over there.  

Oh, and when you do fall back toward earth, you are heading head first into the ground.  Then you just continue to bounce and do a few more spins (The guy lied to us and said you have to do at least one spin. As I point out in the video, there were at least 5.)

I had Derik take video with my phone from the ground so thats the first video clip you'll see.  Hear that screaming?  Thats mostly 98% me.  The second video clip is the DVD of the recording of our reactions in the seat the whole time.  I knew they were going to try and sell it to us, and I had ever intention to NOT buy it.  But after watching it, I couldn't resist.

So here it is. Just to warn you, I do udder the c-r-a-p word a few times.  I'm surprised thats the worst that came out of me.  I just wanted to warn you incase there were small children or bosses around.  (I know R&R would reprimand me for saying a bad word.)

Ok, enough talking about it. Watch it!

Cost to get flung @ 70 mph, 160 feet into the air: $50 ($25 each)
Overcoming a fear: Priceless
DVD of our reactions: $15
Watching ourselves screaming our heads off: Priceless


  1. Nicely done! And R&R didn't even flinch at the "crap" word, now had you said "this is a STUPID idea" they would have been all over it!

  2. You did great Emily! Watching you Friday night even made my heart skip a beat or two. Now you will always have this story to tell. :)

  3. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!! You rocked it girl! Congrats!!

  4. ah hahahaha!

    That's hilarious. Especially the look on your face when they release you!