Wednesday, November 26

Sexy Scents? Seriously?

Its Wednesday morning at work and I'm heading down to the breakroom for a morning coffee.  As I'm waiting for the coffee to dispense from the machine I see the latest People magazine on the table and its the Sexiest Man Alive issue.  I start flipping through and it falls open to Michael Phelps.  Well that doesn't surprise me that he's in there.  Of course he's wearing his trademark low-hip-hugging-just-a-centimeter-lower-we-could-see-mini-phelps-pants.  But surprisingly thats not what first catches my eye.  Its the caption next to his neck saying "RUB HIS NECK to smell his sexy scent" that I first see.



Scratch and Sniff Phelps?

I turn a page back.  Yep, Chris Meloni - Scratch and Sniff. Taye Diggs - Scratch and Sniff.  Chase Crawford - Scratch and Sniff. 

Its a whole section featuring guys and their Sexy Scents "What fragrances make these guys feel their sexiest? Rub the pictures to find out!"  

This disturbs me on many levels.  First of all, who wants to be caught smelling a picture of Michael Phelps.  Can we say creepy?  Secondly, I get that they are telling us what cologne they wear, but it just sounds....bad.   Smell his sexy scent?  I guess when I read that my mind goes to the gutter.  

Its just weird.  

Monday, November 17

Blissfully Boring

That's how my weekend went.  Blissfully boring and I loved it.

Friday night was fun. I had a Splurge Party at Maurices.  Invited my friends to come to Maurices after they closed and had a little shopping party.  Everyone got 15% off their purchases and had fun trying on (and eventually buying) lots of clothes.  Jamie had her Mary Kay lady come and give makeup tips and finally got me over my unnatural fear of eyeliner.  I don't know why, but I've never learned how or tried to apply eyeliner correctly.  I have a theory that my fear and timidness of eyeliner (and eye makeup in general) comes from all those years of applying HEAVY BLACK eye makeup for Danceline in high school.  So I was eased into it on Friday, and I'm starting out slowly.  Anyone need any Mary Kay makeup?  Apparently I'm having a party on December 1st.

So that was the extent of my excitement for the weekend.  Saturday and Sunday I had the apartment to myself and I did a lot of tv watching, Wii playing, and snoozing.  Perfection.  

Friday, November 14

Two of My Favorite Things

Here are two of my favorite things...and how I managed to combine them.

Thing Number 2:  

Once again, another site by the creators of and (making fun of all things politics).  This site compares people/things and how the may look like other people/things.  Ok, that wasn't a very good description.  Here are some of the examples.

Ok, now that your familiar with Totally Looks Like.  Moving on.

Thing Number 1:  Grey's Anatomy

I. Love. This. Show. Period.  The relationships, the gore, the medical mysteries.  Its been said that this season isn't quite up to par with past seasons.  But I still love it.  *SPOILER ALERT (if you haven't seen last nights episode)* I love how the have managed to bring Denny back.  Even thought this means that Izzy is probably coming unglued.  (Writers writing her out of the show?  Maybe?)  

Ok, how have I brought these two together?

For you Grey's Anatomy watchers that are reading this.  You know the new doctor?  The tough military dude with red hair who cuts first then asks questions?  Yeah, that one that totally made out with Yang?  Yep.  

He totally looks like Vincent van Gogh.

Ever since he (Kevin McKidd) started on the show I always picture an earless van Gough.  So much so that I had to create my own look likes on  So thats my handiwork so you should go and vote on it!

Tuesday, November 11

Wii on the Brain

Yep, this Single Sister got a Wii.  And I've become a Wii Addict.  

Symptoms of a Wii Addict?

Sore arms? Check

Feeling the need to exaggerate everyday tasks? Check

Suddenly wanting to battle all your friends in bowling, tennis, or beat them up in a round of boxing?  Check

But I really realized this morning that I was a Wii Addict when I saw these beautiful pictures in an email this morning and the first thought that came to mind? 

"That would be a wicked Mario Kart track."

Tuesday, November 4

Undecided? Want to make sure you voted correctly today?

I headed to work early today in hopes that A. I would stop and vote on the way or B. be able to leave during the day to vote if there were long lines.  Lines?  What lines?  I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were no lines. I was able to register and vote in under 10 minutes.  Now I'm at work early killing some time in the interwebs.  A coworker emailed me this site that I thought I would share with you.  Its a quiz.  A series of quotes from Obama and McCain on some of the hot topics and you choose which one you most agree with.  In the end it matches up the quotes to the candidate and tells you who you agreed with the most.  

Thankfully I voted correctly this morning according to the quotes that I most agreed with.  Thanks goodness, I don't think they give do-overs at the polling places.  

Monday, November 3

Speedy Updates

Once again I have let neglect-o-blog take over and I haven't updated in a while.

So to catch you up to speed I thought I would highlight events in the past couple of weeks.

• Amery Scrapbooking weekend.  4 days of scrapping, eating, and talking (and getting called by my sisters name the whole time.  I've come to just answer to the name Erin).  Pictures can be found here at said sisters blog.  I do have pictures, I'm just being lazy about posting them.  

• Iowa City Crop Marathon.  Because I didn't get enough of scrapbooking in those 96 or so hours I attended a  scrapbooking marathon with my aunt and two cousins two weeks later.  The idea was to have 26.2 hours of straight scrapbooking.  We were among the few people that made it the whole time out of about 50 women.  We started 8:00 on Friday evening and didn't stop till about 10:30 Saturday evening.  Crazy?  Yeah.  Fun?  Yep!  

• Halloween.  Made a last minute decision to head up to St. Paul for a Halloween party that friends of mine where throwing at HoBR (House of Booze and Rock the name so appropriately given to their place of residence).   As usual they had their specialty, wop of doom (see #7: An alcoholic beverage consisting of hard liquor and fruit. The fruit soaks up the liquor leaving a fruity tasting beverage, and very highly concentrated alcoholic fruit. Usually filled in a large tub.  The fruit is eaten.).  In other words: yummy and dangerous.  Many people there and with lots of great costumes.  Scariest one?  Sarah Palin.  Wow, did this girl look just like her.  She had the hair, the glasses, the pearls, everything.  My costume?  An icanhascheezburger cat.  Also known as an LoL cat.  How did I do it?  Simple: cat ears and tail from a costume from college, whiskers drawn in eyeliner, and a flip book I made with classic LoL captions.  Still confused?  Here are a few pictures from icanhascheezburger where I got my ideas:

The picture that started it all.

I figured this caption would come in handy.

As well as this one.

And we all know someone that could use this caption scrolling over their head.