Monday, June 2

Notes on Ruby

Its been a few weeks since I got Ruby and I think she's enjoying her new home.  Although, I'm still trying to figure out how exactly I would be able to tell if she wasn't enjoying her new home.  

I've been meaning to tell my landlords that I have a new pet.  I don't think they would have a problem with it, or at least they shouldn't.  Its not like she runs free in my apartment.  I just don't want them to be surprised if they ever have to come into my apartment for any reason and wonder what the heck I have in the cage in the corner.  Last night was a perfect example of why I need to tell them.  

I get a phone call rather late in the evening and don't recognize the number so I let it go to voicemail.  It's my landlord.  He's concerned that he's hearing strange noises above his living room and he's wondering if I hear it and wonders if I can tell if its squirrels or not (we had a problem with squirrels living in the attic last winter he's probably worried that they are back.).  So I'm laying in bed trying to listen to hear what he's talking about.  Nope, not hearing the tell tale signs of squirrels in the attic, I'm not even hearing them jumping around across the roof.  

All I hear is Ruby running on her wheel.  Ah-Ha!  Thats what he's hearing, the pitter patter of her paws on the wheel.  And the wheel kind of bounces so its making the bottom of her cage hit the floor repeatedly.  

Yep, I bet he thinks its a squirrel.  Of course thats his first thought, and not that his crazy tenant randomly bought a hedgehog that likes to run marathons on a wheel all night.  Boy is he going to be surprised when I call him and let him know today.  :o)

This morning after I fed Ruby she was pretty playful.  She discovered the new toy (aka: toilet paper tube) that I had given her.  Not sure if she was playing or just plain stuck.  But it was pretty funny to watch so I had to take some video with my phone to share with everyone.  

And no, I didn't just sit there and laugh the whole time.  I did help her pull the tube off her head, but 5 min later she just did it again.  So maybe she was playing.  This will probably be a "under human supervision only" toy.


  1. Maybe a thin piece of foam under the cage would keep her a secret a little longer or at least lesson the chances of her driving the landlord nuts! You could probably find something in the shipping dept at your work. Mom

  2. Ah....a piece of foam is a good idea.

    I did just call my landlord back today and he was still convinced it was a squirrel before I got a chance to tell him my surprise. I guess they were standing outside staring at the outside of the house looking for where the squirrel was, convinced it was inside the walls. I told him not to worry, his house wasn't being invaded by squirrels, just a hedgehog.

    He seemed relieved that it wasn't the illusive squirrel and didn't seem to care that I had a pet. I'll invite them up tonight so they can get a good look at what they've been hearing.