Monday, May 5

At least I didn't come up with a nickname for him yet...

My friends boyfriends even know the signals.  With just a simple "Ohh, I'm sorry." Sam's boyfriend was yelling "Cheesecake?" from the kitchen.

The first date went well, second date went even better.  Only to get a call today saying that he's not ready to be dating anyone just yet.  Its only been two months since things ended with his ex-fiance.  I was kind of expecting this, but of course I was hoping for the best.  Two months isn't long enough to get over an ex-fiance.  

On one hand I'm glad there had only been two dates and he didn't wait to come to this conclusion further down the road.  

On the other hand this still sucks.  Just add this one to the list of good guys that I've dated that just weren't "ready". 

I hope a pattern isn't developing.  


  1. ugggg.... and didn't he find you? boys stink!! i'd be happy to pack up the girls tonight and come down to Owatonna if you want to eat cheesecake together!

  2. Mara~

    Yeah, he did find me thats why its kind of left me thinking WTF? Thanks for the cheesecake offer, I think I'll be ok though. :o)

  3. I read your entry hours ago and I've been thinking about what to say.
    I'm sorry... the right guy will come along... there's other fish in the sea... None of those old adages work. They don't even come close.
    Erin and I used to say "Sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks" really fast. Stupid, I know; however, that was the first thought that popped into my head and has stayed there throughout the morning hours. THIS SUCKS for you and I feel bad that it didn't turn out to be something more. You deserve something more.
    WTF, buddy?!

  4. oops - I just re-read my comment and realized that I typed it wrong... I should have wrote - "and HE found YOU!". Yes, definitely reason to pause and say WTF?!?!