Friday, January 30

Meet Plinky

Its been kinda dull round these parts lately.  I needed to spruce things up.  Plinky to the rescue!

Its kinda like updating your facebook status, twittering, and blog prompts rolled into one.  It adds new prompts daily that you can answer and then have the option to posting them to your blog.  (Like I've done below.)

Maybe this will get me to post more often.  Life is dull when your on a dating strike.  But that however may be coming to an end.  A double date with Apple Boy, Samantha, and Chris may be on the horizon.  It looks like ice skating will be the activity...which will inevitably lead to more falling down, and more bruises.  (Two weeks later and my shin and ankle are still bruised and tender up from the last fall.)

In defense of my vice:

My vice is easy, blogs.

A friend, Sarah, turned me onto this little blog known as Sarah and Dooce popped my blog cherry. Then she started telling me about other blogs, and those blogs lead me to newer blogs. Now, I have a daily blog tour that keeps growing!


And then! There are the blogs that I revisit once a week, or month, or so...
...and numerous others

See, I have a problem. But thats ok. For people who don't understand blogs I always explain it like this. Most people read as a hobby, a way to relax, a way to pass time, a way to be entertained. Most people read magazines, books, etc. I read blogs.

What makes a good blog that makes me coming back?
1. I know the author (bainblabber, lefebevrepartyof4, thehansonhattrick)
2. Good, humorous writing (thepioneerwoman, dooce, sarahnielson)
3. Great photography (thepioneerwoman, dooce, mattlogelin, blurbomat, dailycoyote)
4. Unique/heartbreaking/captivating situations that keep you coming back for more (mattlogelin, dailycoyote)

I doubt that I will ever quit.

Three overplayed songs I love anyway

These are three rather new, overly played songs that I can never get out of my head but I crank up the volume every-time I hear any of them.

Hot N Cold by Katy Perry

It fits perfectly for so many situations for me at the moment.

Womanizer by Britney Spears

Britney always manages to have at least one catchy song per album..this is one of them. And every girl knows a guy she'd like to sing this to.

So What by Pink

Another classic "F***-You-I'll-Do-What-I-Want" song to add to your mean girl playlist.

Friday, January 23

Proof that the roomie and I share a brain:

When Jamie and I first met and started hanging out our mutual friends started saying that we shared a brain.  The first time this was said I believe Tony put it: "Wow, I'm sure glad we found Jamie's other half of her brain."  As we got to know each other better we started finishing each other sentences and having those ridiculous conversations:

E: You know that..
J: Yeah, did it finally...
E: Yeah.  How weird is that?
J: I know!

Last week my friend Matt observed one of those moments and just shook his head.  He of course didn't understand a thing we were saying. Kind of comes in handy now that I think of the advantages.

We had another conversation the other night that confirmed that we do probably share a brain:

J: I wast thinking today and I finally [at this point for some reason my brain thought "Honey"] figured out what your hair color is.  
E: What's that?
J Honey

Are you kidding me?  We hadn't even been talking about my hair that day.  We had been on a different subject all together prior to this (probably boys).  Why did my brain randomly think Honey just as she was saying she figured out what to call my hair color.  Honey isn't a normal hair description.  Freaky I tell you, just freaky.  Just like today when I smelled pizza seconds before our front desk lady called to tell us our pizza was here that our manager ordered for our department.  Weird.  

Monday, January 19

Klutz Jr.

For anyone that keeps up with the Bains/LeFebvres via blog or facebook I'm sure you've noticed a trend of falling a lot.  Mara even chronicled some of her falls here: Klutz with a capital K!!.  And we have Erin's falling-over-a-kid-chair-with-a-laundry-basket incident, and Charlie's anti-slip-rug-fail fall at Snap fitness.  Erin and I found it extra funny when setting up her Wii Fit profile that during the balance test results it asked her: "Do you find yourself falling a lot while walking?"

This weekend I was no exception to the family klutz curse.  It was the Roomie's birthday last week so Saturday we went out to have a few drinks at a bar in town.  Apparently the task of walking down three stairs proved to be too much for my feet.  [Before I go any further I would like to add that I swear I only had two drinks in me at this point, we had just gotten there.]  Somehow I manage to fall on a set of three steps, someone grabbed my arm before I could do a complete face plant: my knee hit the ground but my foot was still on the step above so my shin got caught in the middle on the edge of the step. I didn't even spill my drink, but now my shin hurts like a bi&@%.
I know this sounds bad, but I'm kind of disappointed in the resulting bruise.  It doesn't look nearly as bad in comparison to how much it still hurts over 24 hours later.  I never knew that socks could be painful to wear.

So here is a picture...labeled and everything.  LoL

And to add to things we wanted to try on knee length bridesmaids dresses yesterday when Sam bought her dress. Perfect.  I'll have to be wrapped in bubble wrap two weeks before Sam's wedding so I don't end up with bruise covered legs for the wedding.

Wednesday, January 14


Isn't the temp supposed to rise during the day?  

I guess not in Minnesota. In January.  I've been watching it fall all day.  We started at -4 this morning.  We are now at -8.  Just as long as we don't get to -24 like it was yesterday morning.  

-24.  And that not including wind chill people!  Good lord.

Oh, and did you know we are colder than Alaska?  By about a 40 degree difference.

When will this cold stop?!?