Wednesday, December 24

Merry Christmas

A face only a hedgehog mother could love...

Ruby says, "Merry Christmas, or else....I'll....I'll poop in your stocking!"  

She wasn't too happy with me when I woke her up this afternoon to clean her cage before I left town for the weekend.  And she really wasn't happy with me when I made her sit for a few photos.  I was hoping to get a cute one, but I couldn't stop chuckling when I saw this one.  She does not look like she has the Christmas spirit.  She looks downright pissed.  I suppose I would to if some yay-hoo woke me up, put me in a box, then shuffled me around and started flashing this light in my face.  

So even though Ruby doesn't share my Christmas spirit.  I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Christmakkah, etc!

The (still) Single Sister


  1. She really does look PO'd!
    Gave Dad & I a good laugh.
    Merry Christmas! Mom

  2. Still on strike?
    Hopefully you are enjoying family time in Fargo this weekend!