Friday, March 27

First kiss? At the movie theater.

It was 1998, the summer right before my 9th grade year. Those who know me, probably remember who I started dating that summer. Those who don't, lets just say that you're probably better off not knowing who I'm talking about.

We went out on a "date" to see the movie Ever After. I use the term "date" pretty loosely since we were too young to drive and had to have parents escort us everywhere. Anyway, I remember having a sore throat and not wanting to share a soda because I didn't want to get him sick.

Well we held hands *gasp* through the movie and during the scene when Drew Berrymore and Dougary Scott sneak away to a secluded hideaway and to where they may share a first kiss, my date turns and looks at me and says, "If you're sick, then I'm sick." and kisses me.

That's my first kiss.
Incredibly cheesy line? Yes.
Did it make my 14 year old heart melt? Yes.
Makes me queasy to think about it now? Yes.

What's your first kiss?


  1. I was 17 and went to the movies with this girl from high school. We hit it off right away and of course there was the clammy hand holding and heart racing and all that teenage love thing. Well it was us and two other people in the movie hall and halfway during the movie she attacked my face. Like, literally jumped her seat and attached herself to my face. Lil awkward but that is what makes it special. We left before the other people did and noticed they moved further away and had their hands on the side of their face so they didn't have to see us. Couldn't blame them but like I could really care at that moment. Oh memories...

  2. I hope you post something new soon because I keep reading this first kiss entry and then thinking about Cory K. (Sadly, my first kiss. After the kiss he said he would date me if I lost 20 pounds...)
    Now I keep having weird dreams about him. PLEASE POST SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!! I'm begging you!