Thursday, March 27

Where To Begin...

Ok, here we go.  I think I'm finally ready to post some pictures.  It was harder than I thought to pick which ones to post.  
I suppose it would make sense to start with some wedding pictures.  I didn't take too many wedding shots, i let the photographer do her job.  I'm excited to see how those turned out.  In the meantime these will have to do.  

The Wedding

Me and Jenessa

Jenessa and Alexis

Stacy and Jenessa

Jenessa and her daughter Katrina

Sight Seeing

Nessa's parents were our tour guides for the weekend.
The rental PT Cruiser did pretty well on the narrow, dirt, mountain back roads.

Not More Rocks?!?

Beautiful rock formations near Sedona.

More Sedona rock.

Down there somewhere is Sedona (I think).  
This was at the beginning of the road up Schnebly Hill.

The view from our way back from Prescott.  See that winding dirt road?  
That was our trail back to Camp Verde, Camp Verde is down there...somewhere.
See that snow caped mountain in the distance?  That's Flagstaff.

So thats a little mini-view of my Arizona pictures.  I fell in love with Arizona.  I had no idea how pretty it is.  Jerome is now my favorite little hippy town.  Its perched up in the mountains and full of cute artsy shops.  Am I the only one that can see myself living there driving my own little vintage VW Bug?

P.S. Click on any of the pictures to see a close up view.


  1. Exactly what I was looking forward too!! Rock pictures!!

    Snap! That's the sound of me moving my purple bracelet to the other arm. (Wondering what I've talking about? Check out my "Now There's a Good Idea" blog at


  2. Mara~

    Just wait for Sunday. I'm developing A WHOLE LOT more of my rock pictures to show everyone.


  3. Cool pictures Emily and I'm totally jealous that you got to go somewhere warm. When you move to Arizona, I will have to come down and visit you! :)
    ~ Sandy

  4. living in a hippy town, with an artsie shop and driving a vintage VW! Oh, you are your father's daughter. Dad