Thursday, July 10


I feel like I'm watching a tennis match, and I'm the ball.  

After offering 80,000 as my final offer on the townhouse the seller came back saying they could go down to 83,000.  Looks like the need to get it off their hands after all.

So now at this point on the roommate half of things, Jamie is getting approached about the possibility of moving up to manage the Burnsville store in the same company that she works for now.  So here I sit, can I do this on my own for the next 6 months ? (in 6 months I'll have a loan paid off that and at that point I know I'll be able to do it on my own)  I decide to walk away for the moment and give it a few weeks to see what happens with Jamie's career.  If in these next two weeks someone else comes and grabs it I'm okay with that.  I inform My Wonderful Realtor that I have decided to walk away give it some time to decide how much I can afford on my own right now at this moment.  

So that was yesterday afternoon.  Guess what My Wonderful Realtor texts me this morning?  The seller wants to know if I'll still do 80,000 if they seller can pull that off.  

Ha!  I knew they wanted to get rid of this place after all.

Now going back to Jamie, she has committed to living with me for the first 3 months and she'll commute if she gets this job.  So that gets me thinking...maybe I can do this.  I told My Wonderful Realtor that I'll give it the day to think about and look at my finances again and I'll get back to her.

So now thats where I sit at 10:15 on a Thursday morning.  Am I really going to do this? 

The butterflies are back.  

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  1. That's very exciting!! The ball's back in your court!