Tuesday, March 10

Happy Blog-Day To Me

Ok, well this is a few days early.  But it is the 1 year anniversary to The Single Sister blog.  AND its also my 100th post.  Happy coincidence right?  Over the next couple of days I'm going to post links so some of my favorite posts of the year marking The Single Sister milestones.

But first, I have to keep up my blog karma and make good on a promise to the blog gods.

*BLOG DISCLAIMER*  Any men that I'm related to may want to advert their eyes to the rest of this post. Or anyone else that doesn't want too much information. Dad? READ NO FURTHER! 

Visit her, she's a blogger that lives in Utah, she has a one eyed pug, she's funny, and a single sister like me.   She's on my daily blog tour.

Why do I mention her?  She started doing blog giveaways and I've been entering.  This last one was for a $65 gift certificate to (this is where you shouldn't click the link, DAD. TMI ALERT!) Eden Fantasy's.

When I first entered the contest I commented that I was going to be selfish and not tell my friends about it because I wanted to win.  But if I did win I would spread the word about her blog.  So thats what I'm doing.  Check her out! 

I'm fulfilling my blog promise to the blog gods.

Thanks Sarah and Eden Fantasy's you made The Single Sister happy on her blog-birthday!  

*still doing a happy dance*

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  1. I'm so jealous that you won the giveaway... as a Single Sister too, I entered. Multiple times.

    Have FUN! :-))