Monday, April 13

Easter Cake Pops

I spent a whirlwind Eater weekend bouncing around in the cities.  Friday was spent baby sitting the boys and then Saturday I went up to spend some time with the girlies.  Then back down to spend Easter with the LeFebvre's.  While I was visiting the girlies we took them to see the Hannah Montana movie (must be said with a high pitched girly scream), and made Easter Cake Pops.

Reagan focusing on her egg pop.

Rylee making sure she gets enough pink sprinkles on her egg.

Thank goodness that we had help from the neighbor kids, we worked on them for quite a while and we still had a bunch to do well after they lost interest.  Our batch of cake pops made 56!

All wrapped and pretty.  I think this is even after we sent a bunch next door.

Chicks man. (I guess this only makes sense if you watch The Soup on E!)

White chicks too.

And Easter eggs.

And it just wouldn't be Easter without a furrowed unibrow egg head.  
Or is it a W for whatever?  
Wonder Woman?
Adam Sandler?

Friday, April 10

Not Done

Trying out a new look for my blog.

I'm not done yet...just running out of time...

Hopefully a complete new look coming after the weekend.


Or at least I'm one of the winners.  There were lots of cool eggs entered and the judges picked three winners.  Two other gals from the design department won the other prizes.  One with a leopard painted egg, and the other with an incredible silk-tie dyed egg.  Apparently if you take a 100% silk necktie and wrap it around an egg and boil it in water and vinegar the colors transfer to the egg.  She had a really pretty brown and orange patterned egg as a result.  I may need to try that next year.  Or next week, Jamie and I still have a dozen eggs in the fridge. 

Wednesday, April 8

Easter Eggs

My work is having an Eater egg decorating contest and these are my entries.

And Jamie thought we were just dyeing eggs tonight...

She doesn't realize how involved I get in a project.