Wednesday, May 21

The Small World of Online Dating

I have a date for Friday afternoon.  No, don't worry its not with the "I'm Not Ready" guy.  He's back with his ex-fiance.  Turns out it wasn't a matter of not being ready, but a matter of not being over his ex.  But what can a single girl do, move onto the next one?  

And the next one found me on last week.  After the last dating attempt I decided I wasn't going to blog about any dates until at least a week had gone by.  But I had to blog about this and the small world that is online dating.

What are the chances of a guy in Blue Earth finding and emailing someone in Minneapolis in March and then finding and emailing her good friend in Owatonna 2 months later?  

I was talking to Sarah last night and telling her about my upcoming date on Friday.  

E: Yeah, he lives in Blue Earth so we are meeting halfway in Albert Lea.
S: A guy from Blue Earth messaged me on okcupid once, I bet its the same guy.  But I ended up ignoring him.
E: Thats hilarious.  Yeah, I'm sure it is the same guy.  Did he have a beard?
S: Yep
E: Did he have a son?
S: Yep
E: Wow, what are the chances?

At this point I'm really curious as to how many single-bearded-son-having-Blue Earth guys are out there on okcupid so I called him up.  He did in fact message Sarah back in March and never got a reply back to his second email.  Now he's heart broken and vowed to never search for love in Minneapolis ever again.  Ok, so that last part never happened, but small world isn't it?  

Of course I'll let you know how this date goes.  As far as I know he doesn't have any recent ex's that he wants to get back together with, his career path seems pretty stable, and he doesn't live with his parents.  

As usual, my fingers are crossed.  


  1. Good luck with the date! I'm sure you will have loads of fun. Don't forget. If it doesn't work out, my brother is still available! :)

  2. Hi, I just wandered in while browsing and I love these kinds of posts. What is it like out there in the single world!?! I'm interested to hear how the date goes!!

  3. How did it go?
    Should I be concerned there have been no updates since then?
    Cheesecake time or busy schedule?