Sunday, July 4

Dear Sir,

I'm sorry Mr. Neighbor, but I'm not going to shovel up the bunny nest in my yard with three tiny baby bunnies and dump it in the gutter.

I appreciate your concern for our yard. I understand that the "soil will die" and our grass will be brown in that spot. I understand that we are over run with bunnies and many people see them as pests. But the hippy in me can not stomach the thought of shoveling breathing, living, baby animals into the sewer.

While I'm not going to go to the extreme and bring them into my home and bottle feed them as Samantha wanted to do. I'm going to put the nest back together, leave it to nature and hope that the mother will come back despite Henry's* scent all over the place. Google says that the mother will in fact still come back to care for her babies even though the nest has been tampered with.

On a side note. I know I've neglected posting pictures of the house. I was going to do a big "before" post. But now I think I'll do before, and after pictures in the same blog post. That seems more fun. ;)

Stay tuned!

(yes I feel better after my mini rant)

*Samantha and Chris's black lab