Wednesday, March 4


I'm sure we've all had our complaints about the DMV, like my friend said "They don't have a bad reputation for no reason."  My experiences with my local DMV have certainly lived up to the reputation.  

When I first moved here I went before work one day to renew my license, of course they were closed. So my next opportunity I took a half day off of work to run some errands, specifically to renew my license.  I arrived around 1:00, and what do I see on the door? "We are closed today for Agnes's funeral."  I didn't know who Agnes was and I'm sorry that she's no longer with us, but I was pissed.  The ironic thing was that I lived on Agnes Street at the time.

Every year after that I found it easier to just renew my tabs through the mail.  Sure it took longer and I sometimes risked not getting them in time.  But anything was better than having to go back there.   

But in February I realized that both my license and tabs expired at the beginning of March so I figured I'd suck it up and go to the DMV.  I happened to have a doctors appointment one afternoon and I was out of there unusually fast (10 minutes later I was dressed and back at my car, I'm not exaggerating) so I figured I would try my luck at the DMV.  I was hopeful, it was only 4:00 and I knew they closed at 5.  I pulled up. Closed.  WTF?!?! Damn, its Presidents Day.  Saturday was going to be my only option, and it went surprisingly smooth.  No one was crabby, the line wasn't too long, etc.  Sweet success.  

That is until I got my new license today:
Emily B*******
555 SO Random ACE 
Anywhere, MN 55555
(address changed for the protection of, well, me)

SO and ACE?  WTF?  Its supposed to be S and AVE.  Someone at the DMV didn't have their Wheaties that morning.  

I'm moving to Arizona, you only have to replace your license every 12 years there.


  1. Maybe they changed it in AZ, but my license is AZ and I don't have to update until I'm 60. I got it when I was 16, almost 10 years ago. I would get the picture updated, but I don't live there anymore. I just keep the license because I never have to update it.

  2. Yeah, Bandit is right. You don't have to update till your old, which furthers my envy of Arizona residence. So if you don't have to renew your license until your 60 but have to update your picture every 12 years, why not renew your license then too?