Monday, March 2

Birthday Weekend Phase Two and Three

Phase Two: Birthday dinner with family and friends.  Check
Well - half of my family and friends.  Samantha, Chris, and the Bain Train minus Mara, and I went out to dinner at Azia in Minneapolis.  The Roomie ended up having to work and Mara came down with flu symptoms.  Jason, Diego, and the girls were troopers with the choice of asian restaurant with lots of fishy things on the menu .  Although it sounded like a trip to McDonalds was in the near future for the kinders. Thanks for coming everyone!  

Phase Three: Actual Birthday. Check
Brought Birthday treats to work - Fruity Pebble Rice Crispy Bars. Mmm-Mmm-Good.  Made tacos for dinner with the roomie, and she surprised me with a cake.  Also very yummy.  Diet?  What diet?  That word doesn't exist on your birthday.  
Topped the birthday night off with a very dramatic Bachelor finale. I can't process it all at the moment. I expect Lost to melt my brain, but not this!  

All in all my birthday was a success.  Thanks everyone for the birthday greeting!  I've determined that facebook really does make birthdays better!


  1. I agree! There is something fun about receiving HB wishes from FB'ers that you haven't talked to in 15 years! (or maybe 5 years in your case - I'm OLD!!!)

    I ended up not getting the flu so am not sure what my malfunction was?? Sorry I missed it! Diego & Jason were entertained that the wait staff probably thought they were a couple; of which Diego was clearly the homewrecker!! Jason strangely didn't care about this perception. After 12 years, he's made PROGRESS!! :)

  2. Ha! Did they get any gestures or comments that I missed?!? I didn't even think of that. Now if they would have share a bottle of wine or something that really would have been the sight.

    Hey, at least Jason wasn't wearing the same shirt as our female waitress like Chris did! hehe