Wednesday, July 30

Something I Haven't Done Since College...

...and I'm not talking about that...

...Or that either.  Get your minds out of the gutters. 

I'm getting a roommate.  

My friend Jamie and I have decided that we both should be saving some money so she'll be moving in with me in September.  And hopefully this means that after we go through all the work of moving her in and storing a bunch of stuff, I'll end up finding a townhouse and we'll get to do it all over, three months later.  

I never thought that I'd be getting a roommate.  I always thought that the next person I would live with would be a boyfriend.  But I also never thought that I'd meet someone, my age, living in Owatonna and becomes such good friends so fast.  

In the words of our friend Derik, "This is going to be interesting."

So for the next month I'll be cleaning out my second bedroom and clearing it of my computer junk/lia sophia junk/scrapbooking junk/and just plain junk that I don't want to/can't get rid of.

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