Tuesday, November 11

Wii on the Brain

Yep, this Single Sister got a Wii.  And I've become a Wii Addict.  

Symptoms of a Wii Addict?

Sore arms? Check

Feeling the need to exaggerate everyday tasks? Check

Suddenly wanting to battle all your friends in bowling, tennis, or beat them up in a round of boxing?  Check

But I really realized this morning that I was a Wii Addict when I saw these beautiful pictures in an email this morning and the first thought that came to mind? 

"That would be a wicked Mario Kart track."


  1. Yup! Welcome to the point where reality and video games merge. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt, you just slowly lose your mind.

    Man, that last picture would have one hell of a hairpin turn.

  2. I think we've been to that bottom location. Is it in Wyoming? Remember on our trip out west, we drove a long way on a deserted road, off the main hiway and at the end were a couple people selling souveniers and this view. Is it the Snake River? Mom

  3. Well now you have me curious.

    Let me google it....

    ....actually it looks like its at the Grand Canyon.

    Maybe we saw it there?

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  5. Dad had to look it up in the photo album. What I was thinking of was in Utah, Valley of the Gods, San Juan River. Mom