Wednesday, February 18

The Single Sister's 10 Rules For Online Dating

1. IM (instant message) me using full words. Using actual full sentences will get you bonus points.  As you can already tell, I'm no English major but let's at least write at a 7th grade level.  

2. No baby talk.  Ever.

3. No, I do not want to see your web cam or naked pictures.

4. No, I don't have a web cam or naked pictures.

5. Asking me what my favorite color is, isn't going to give you any valuable insight.  It's just going to tell me that you are kind of clueless.

6. Seriously?  I'm not going to talk about sex when we haven't even met.  

7. No, I'm not going to meet you so we can talk about sex.

8. Post a picture.  Call me superficial but I'm not gong to talk to you without seeing your picture.

9. Don't come on a dating site to try and sell me vacations or get me to join your pyramid scheme.

10. Be genuine and honest.  That's all we want.


  1. Ugh, #9! I've never signed on a dating site, but nothing annoys me more than when you post somewhere online with a specific intent, and people contact you with all sorts of other issues and offers and schemes. I tried to sell a laptop once, I've never been so angry, so many times a day before!

  2. And how about 11. About that picture? Make it a photo of you, taken sometime like yesterday, not a photo of your hot cousin (unless you want to hook us up)

    I can't tell you how many times I walked out on an online date meet-and-greet because the dude did not look like his profile picture. Usually, he was older and 50 pounds heavier. Ugh.