Monday, January 19

Klutz Jr.

For anyone that keeps up with the Bains/LeFebvres via blog or facebook I'm sure you've noticed a trend of falling a lot.  Mara even chronicled some of her falls here: Klutz with a capital K!!.  And we have Erin's falling-over-a-kid-chair-with-a-laundry-basket incident, and Charlie's anti-slip-rug-fail fall at Snap fitness.  Erin and I found it extra funny when setting up her Wii Fit profile that during the balance test results it asked her: "Do you find yourself falling a lot while walking?"

This weekend I was no exception to the family klutz curse.  It was the Roomie's birthday last week so Saturday we went out to have a few drinks at a bar in town.  Apparently the task of walking down three stairs proved to be too much for my feet.  [Before I go any further I would like to add that I swear I only had two drinks in me at this point, we had just gotten there.]  Somehow I manage to fall on a set of three steps, someone grabbed my arm before I could do a complete face plant: my knee hit the ground but my foot was still on the step above so my shin got caught in the middle on the edge of the step. I didn't even spill my drink, but now my shin hurts like a bi&@%.
I know this sounds bad, but I'm kind of disappointed in the resulting bruise.  It doesn't look nearly as bad in comparison to how much it still hurts over 24 hours later.  I never knew that socks could be painful to wear.

So here is a picture...labeled and everything.  LoL

And to add to things we wanted to try on knee length bridesmaids dresses yesterday when Sam bought her dress. Perfect.  I'll have to be wrapped in bubble wrap two weeks before Sam's wedding so I don't end up with bruise covered legs for the wedding.


  1. Ouch!
    I like the bubble wrap idea, though. You could get some and then make a profit by selling it to your other klutzy family members and friends!

  2. So I was wondering why my Klutz blog started getting all of these hits yesterday... Ah HA!!!

    And good LORD!!!! For being the one with the honkin' reputation, I have to say that I have never produced the kaleidoscope of color you, Charlie & Erin have produced in the past month!!!!

    Thanks for the good laugh!


  3. ****update****

    The bruising has now gone down into my ankle and its kinda swollen...who wants to bet I slightly sprained something?

  4. The bruises tend to get "prettier" as time goes on. So funny, those look alot like my bruises. And I totally get the "sore socks concept". I still cannot kneel on my left knee without pain, and there is still a lump there. My arse still hurts from falling down the stairs a week later - I don't think I ever blogged/facebooked about that one. And the chiropractor is still trying to fix my neck from my jaunt over the chair. What a wreck.

  5. And Erin... With those glasses in your photo, I can't IMAGINE how ANY of this could have happened!!! :)