Tuesday, April 1


Its no secret that I'm not a fan of politics. I'm even sitting here trying to figure out where my dislike of politics comes from, and I'm drawing a blank. Its not because of a lack of family interest. There has been a friendly Republican vs. Democrat rivalry between my sisters and my parents for years. Maybe its just my inner hippy coming out and rebelling against "The Man" - or maybe not. What ever it is, I just can't seem to get into the political scene. I do vote every Presidential election, and if I had to label myself? Democrat.

But! Finally! A website about politics that I can get into! From the makers of icanhascheezeburger and ihasahotdog comes: Pundit Kitchen

Ok, so its not so much a political website as a site poking fun at our potential political leaders. Maybe I like it so much because its a way of saying: "Hey, lets take a break from this crazy Presidential race and have a good laugh at ourselves."

And couldn't we all use a good laugh right about now?

Ok, one more and I'm done.


  1. Yeahh, Emily!!! These are hilarious! The fact that you find humor in these indicates you have more of a political side than you think! What ever you do, just say NO! to Billary!!!