Monday, March 31

I'm a Nerd part 2

I just need to take a moment and let my inner mac nerd come out.

I know I said I wasn't going to talk about work, but in my world this is blog worthy. 
My whole department was blessed with 24 inch iMac computers.  And all I can do is drool.  I take back every negative thing I may have said in the past about the iMac.

See, isn't it pretty?  No towers to deal with, everything is contained in the monitor.

The keyboard is a little odd and will get some getting used to.  Its ultra thin, at its highest its only 3/4 of an inch tall.  Here is the side view.

And I'm in love with the Mac Mighty Mouse.  You may look at it and think its just like the old Mac mice that didn't have right-click abilities.  Oh, but this does.  And see that scroll ball?  It lets you scroll up and down and side to side.  Its also programable so you can customize your Mighty Mouse.  Oh the possibilities.

And who can resist playing with the built-in web-cam and the Photo Booth application?

Ok, I'm done with my geeky Mac talk.  :o)


  1. looks like fun, I love new gadgets! And yes, you are a nerd, but we still love you! Glad you updated, as Mara says "didn't you get the memo, the writer's strike is over!"

  2. Welcome to the world of Macs. We finally updated our computer and went with a Mac in September. I must admit the Photo Booth has been a fun attraction for all who sit down at our computer!

  3. We are so lucky to have these. Now if I could just learn to type on them, I'll be set. I have way more typos on this keyboard then I ever have. P.S. I'm scared to open Photo Booth again. It scares me! :)