Saturday, April 5

eHarmony....3rd times the Charm?

As many of you already know, I've tried my hand at on-line dating.  And as many of you know, it hasn't exactly been successful.  (On a side note: is it sad that every time I spell success or awesome the old high school cheers go through my head to help me spell them?  "S-U-C-C-E-S-S thats the way we spell success!"  or "A-W-E-S-O-M-E awesome, awesome, a totally" with the added head roll and hand flick.)  Anyways, moving on.  Where was I?

Oh yeah, my lack of success ( know the rest)  with on-line dating.  Sure, I meet some guys.  Some great, most not so great, some turned into relationships, some didn't.  The one thing they all had in common?  None of them were right for me.  Its been a couple of months since my last attempt at eHarmony and I'm wondering if I should go again for my third time or cut my losses and join another site.  

What do I have to gain from another site?  Probably new matches, new method of matching.

What do I have to lose?  Not much, just time spent into my eHarmony profile.  Thats probably the thing keeping me from joining a new site.  Having to fill out the dreaded profile.  Its probably the one thing I loath about these sites. That one question that you inevitably have to answer, describe yourself.  You want to write something  that accurately describes you without sounding desperate, something thats going to stand out from the dozens of other girls, without being over the top.

See...perfect example: as I write this i've been filling out a profile just for the fun of it.  And I get to the third section and screeeeetch I come to a halt.  The dreaded questions:

Describe yourself and your perfect match to our community.
Your dating headline. (a catchy opening line to get those guys to view your profile)

I get to these questions and my mind goes blank.  What did I write for eHarmony?  Maybe thats why I like that site, I didn't have to answer that specific question.  They ask other questions to get your personality to come out.  

So thats my hesitation for joining another dating site.  I just don't know which one to fork over my $30-$60 to be matched with the single guys in the area.  Maybe for now I'll save my money and take a bit more of a break from the dating sites.  Focus my attention on other things; friends, family, work, lia sophia.

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