Friday, April 18

My Goal

One of my favorite things to do everyday is to check my google analytics for this site and see where on the map all of my readers are at (all 515 hits so far).    And I can pretty much pinpoint that The Hanson Hat Trick has visited 69 times, mom and dad have visited 56 times, and I'm assuming my 20 hits from Iowa are my cousin Michelle (Hi Michelle!).  

Of course the vast majority are here in Minnesota (475).  But I have had a few hits from other states.  I always wonder how that person found their way to my site, what did they think of it, will they come back again, why didn't they comment?  But then I stop at that last question because I think of all the blogs I read and don't comment on.  

But I do have a goal.  Just once I want to check my google analytics world map and see that someone from another country viewed my blog.  I get excited about the small things. 

So I just wanted to say thanks to everyone stopping by to see what this Single Girl is up to and I hope I don't run out of things to say!

1 comment:

  1. I always love seeing what the Single Girl is up to. Obviously I'm on an adoption leave because I've visited so many times...