Thursday, April 17

No pictures! Please! No pictures!

Break out the oversized sunglasses and jewelry, it's Celebrity Day at work today!  Sadly I couldn't get a realistic looking baby bump going.  That would have been a perfect addition to my ensemble for the day.  

This is how you bring back the side ponytail. 
(By my count; at least four people just thought of Willard Parks)

We even had paparazzi following our every move.

I did my best to shield myself.  
But they are just too good at their job.  
Which Tabloid will I end up in?

And yes, we do manage to get some work done around here.

1 comment:

  1. I love the photos you BIG START! They are very glamorous.
    I wish I would have ordered that lia sophia necklace after all - it looks great.
    What a fun work environment you have!
    Enjoy your Friday and weekend.