Monday, April 14

Bringing back the side ponytail?

Or maybe not.  Its Bad Hair Day today at work.  As you can see below, my coworker Kandis was rocking out the big teased 80's hair so I joined her in the decade and did a classic side ponytail.  

I always say that one of my favorite images of my childhood friend Abby is when we were in 5th grade (probably in '94) when we were outside for recess.  I picture the scene perfectly:  Abby is standing on a snowbank with her hands in fists, on her hips and she's giving me the nastiest glare ever.  Why is she glaring at me?  I can't even remember, something silly I'm sure.  The best thing?  Her outfit: white Sorel snow boots, and a bright teal calf length winter jacket.  She's probably wearing snow pants, but the jacket is so long that I can't tell what color.  The greatest thing about this image?  Her hair is pulled into a tight side ponytail.  So tight I'm sure she's getting a face lift at the early age of 11.

Ah...the good old days of side ponytails, pogs, leggings, save the rain forest t-shirts, and when my favorite colors were teal and purple.  


  1. I was hoping you would post a picture of the crazy hair! I love it!
    My favorite bad hair day look was the HIGH bangs completely sprayed with Aqua Net. Oh the good ole days!
    (On a side note, I STILL love that Navy Pier sweatshirt of yours. I should have gotten one last year...)

  2. I'll have you know, I STILL have those snow boots. really. and they still fit. and I make Manda wear them on occasion when it's really snowy and tell her how awesome she looks. And then, I was in target, and saw a very trendy looking girl wearing very similar boots. new ones. they're cool again. I swear. ;)

  3. The side ponytail. Ugggg!!!! Somehow I remember Willard Parks gushing on the bus in high school about how hot Angie Brown looked with a side pony tail at some formal event. Really... Where do these thoughts come from!!!! Did I actually type Willard Parks and Angie Brown in the same phrase???

    PS: I like the Navy Pier ss, too!


  4. OMG!
    I have to admit the first thing I thought about when Emily said side ponytail was Willard Parks! I, too, remember him talking about it on the bus as well as trying to get more girls to wear the do.
    Good lord. Some information in my brain really could be completely trashed and that would be perfectly okay by me!

  5. You guys are too funny. Oh the blogs that could be written about Carl's bus rout between the years of 1986 and 1993.

  6. Oh the blogs that could be written about Willard Parks! I agree with Ton - why the heck do people remember such useful informatin??