Friday, April 11

Lovely and Ethereal

So Pioneer Woman posted some FREE photoshop actions on her site today.  I've been anxiously awaiting them so I was excited to see that she finally posted the download this morning.  I've just spent a little bit of time playing with the different looks on some photos.  I've found that the key is to find the right action that fits the photo and what you want it to look like.  What looks good on one photo might not look good on the next.  I had some not so good turn outs but found that the "Lovely and Ethereal" action really worked on this photo of CJ and Nicholas on the day Nicholas came home from the hospital.  

Here is the SOOC (straight out of camera) shot:

And here is the same photo with the Lovely and Ethereal action applied:

I love the soft glow that this photo has now.  Its going to be super cute when I get to scrapbooking it!  

Is it just me or does CJ's left eye not look right?  I turned up the blue in them, and did some cloning action on his left eye and something doesn't seem right.  Oh well, just don't look too closely at it.  ;o)

If you have Adobe Photoshop I highly recommend downloading this action set!  Find it here.  

Mac users - I had to use Firefox to download the action set.  Safari just came up with a window of code.


  1. Yeah, I just clicked on the bottom photo and looked at it big. CJ's eye is defiantly NOT right. Oh well...will remember to fix before I scrapbook it. :)

    Sorry for making your kid look weird, Erin.

  2. That's okay, he is weird!

    And all of what you said went right over my head.

  3. I think the problem is that the inner white is just a bit _too_ white. and in the small version, the outer white gets lost a little, but seems fine when the photo is large.

  4. Emily,
    After looking at this several times, it finally hit me. The white of his right eye is too bright; it should be shadowed. My big idea and then I look at the comments and see that Abby already found it. You artists are speedy and knock the socks off this bean counter!


  5. Hi Emily!

    Just me, Manda - I love the color in the picture and I love the Pioneer Women Wed Page - FUN FUN! I have been playing with different ideas on my PhotoShop all day - Oh, how time flies! :) The eye is a bit 'out there' however, I would guess that you played with the eyes to have them pop and I love it! Just a little more manuevering and you'll have it! :)

    Take Care! manda:)