Friday, April 11


What is Twitter?  

Want to be updated on someone's every move?  Feel like you want to post something but don't feel its worthy of an entire blog post?  Want to update when you are away from your computer?  Are you obsessed with blogs and want to take it one step further?  

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then Twitter is the site for you!

Log onto Twitter and type in the answer to the simple question: What are you doing?  But your response has to be less than 140 characters.  The best part? You can set it up to be a Widget (Page Element) on Blogger.  When you update Twitter, it will automatically add your update on your blog.  AND you can even send a Twitter (or would that be Twit?) via text!  

Check mine out on the left.  Yep, right over there.  

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