Thursday, April 24

Bean The Ferocious One

I would like to introduce everyone to Bean.

Bean is my friend Sarah's cat.  He's part Persian and part Barn Cat.  You wouldn't be able to tell from these pictures but he was quite the ferocious kitten, a true ankle biter.  He still has some ferocious tendencies, but he's getting better.  

But what you can't see in this picture of Bean The Ferocious One is the whole reason for this post.

Bean got a badly needed haircut.

It kind of grows on you after a while.  I personally think its a good look for him.  And he doesn't seem to mind.  

The best thing about Bean?  He suddenly started to play fetch one day.  No kidding.  If you toss a hair tie he runs and slides after it, brings it back, places it in front of you, and waits for you to throw it again.  He'll do it for hours if you let him.  

Here he is playing fetch and one last look of his new 'do.  

Hope that brought a little excitement to your Thursday!  :o)  I know it made me chuckle.


  1. That's awesome! Perhaps we'll give Lizzie hair extensions so she can be a Whippet-Lion. Perhaps not...


  2. I'm not a big cat fan unless it was Bud and China. However, this cat's lion-do is just AWESOME! Very cute!

  3. He's also started meowing constantly when I won't throw it for him! I think he's part cat and part dog. Good idea with the dusting! Thanks for the post, Em. :) ~Sarah