Friday, July 18

Just Call Me a Hippy

Part of my reluctancy to buying a house is the dreaded yard work.  The mowing, and gardening, and weeding in the summer. (I've done enough weeding in my dating life.)  Then there is the snow-blowing and shoveling in the winter.  

In my continued search for a place to live I ran across a 2 bedroom 1 bath small house thats just a few blocks down from where I live now.  The outside didn't look too bad, and it was actually pretty cute.  Price?  59,900  "What's wrong with it?" was my first thought.    I drove by it, usually you get a good feel (or most often than not, a bad feel) from a simple drive by.  Once again, pretty cute.  The front bushes were a little over grown, but nothing a little pruning wouldn't take care of (here we start with the yard work).  

So with a few emails to My Wonderful Realtor, I discover that its a foreclosure but the only pictures of the inside she could find were from 2004 so we don't really know what kind of condition the inside is in.  It looks like they did some remodeling of the kitchen in '04 though. But really, for 59,900 its worth taking a look at.  

Now to get back to the yard work, crap, I'll have to buy a lawnmower.  And more importantly I'll have to learn how to use a lawnmower.  Thats right, I, TheSingleSister have never mowed a lawn in my life.  

So I sit here this Friday morning eating my bagel, pondering the lawn mowing dilemma.  

Then it dawns on me.  

Go old school with a manual push mower.  

After a quick search I see there are plenty of models out there ranging in price from $100-$200.  Certainly less expensive than a gas powered mower.  Added benefit, its green.  I'll be getting a workout, getting a tan, and saving the earth one push at a time.  

Just call me a hippy.

Now only if they made something like that to replace a snow-blower...

Oh yeah, its called a shovel.  


  1. Ha! Glad to know I wasn't the only one who had to learn to mow as an adult....I was like 30 when I had to learn! Good luck looking at this house.

  2. If you want a cheep lawnmower- just wait til next years Farmington clean up days- you could probably score one

  3. I would vote for a cheapie in the Farmington clean up day! Our neighbor has a manual push mower... and the shittiest looking lawn on the street!!