Tuesday, July 15

My Weekend Part 1

Saturday morning I had another date with The Good Weed.  After the stress and anxiety about the first date with a guy goes away I get a irrational fear that the second date is going to fail, or the chemistry that was there on the first date wasn't going to be there on the second date.  And really, its not a completely irrational fear, its happened before.

Turns out I had nothing to worry about.  Things went really well on our second date.  He was already coming into town to do some Cabela's shopping so I tagged along and then we went out to eat before he had to leave town.  

We have another date tonight.  He plays on a couple of softball teams and had games Tuesday and Wednesday nights, so I'm heading over to Rochester after work to watch his game.  

All I'm going to say about this guy is that things seem to be going really well.  If I say anymore I'm afraid I'll jinx it (another irrational fear).

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