Wednesday, July 9

My Favorite Things

I've decided to start a weekly section on my blog featuring My Favorite Things (MFT).  Mostly this will just give me something to blog about every week.  It'll also give me an outlet to talk about those random things in my life that make me happy; from feeding the geese to my favorite shirt.

This weeks MFT is a great first date.  I've been weeding through the guys on PlentyOfFish.  And thats just what it feels like, weeding.  After a short online conversation with a guy you have to try and figure out if he wants a real relationship or if he's just looking for the girl of the night.  And just like weeding, you try to eliminate the bad ones while sparing the good ones.  Once in a while you get it wrong and toss the good ones and leave a few bad ones.  

But I think I've found a good one, and we decided to meet for a date in Rochester last night. (I love being an adult, I can go out on a school night if I want to.)

We meet for dinner and when we were eating he decided that afterwards he was going to show me one of his favorite things to do in Rochester.  I had no idea what this could be, and I was a little frightened since I know he likes to sky dive.  

Turns out that I had nothing to be afraid of.  Well I guess if I had a fear of geese, I would.  We picked up a cheap bag of puffed wheat cereal and went to the park to feed the geese.  It was surprisingly fun.  Not exactly a first date norm, but who said normal was fun?  

We had dozens of geese flocking to us to get fed.  Once again, all I had to take video with was my lousy cell phone. I should really fix that if I keep taking videos to put on my blog.

So, great first dates and feeding the geese are now added to the list of My Favorite Things.

P.S. Don't wear sandals when feeding geese.

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  1. Wow. I'm impressed. I think this is a great way to end a first date!
    I love your new MFT section. I'm looking forward to reading more in the future!