Sunday, August 3

Jewelry Overload

Wow, this week went by fast.  

I'm making a spur of the moment trip to Fargo this afternoon.  lia sophia is hosting a mini-convention sort of deal on Monday to show off the new line of jewelry and to to give tips on increasing your bookings.  It will be a bit of a jewelry overload I'm sure.  Over the last few days I've been trying to pick which new items I'm going to purchase for my display (and who are we kidding, for myself).  I figured its kind of a long drive, but will be worth it to see the new jewelry before I buy it, I'll get to see my moms new "crib", and spend a few days with her.  I'll be back on Tuesday and I'll try to update then:

     • Pictures of the family reunion last weekend.
     • New video of Ruby actually awake during the day.
     • Update on The Good Weed.
     • And of course I'm sure I'll be gushing over all the great new jewelry that lia sophia has.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and I'll catch up when I get back from Heaven lia sophia mini-convention/jewelry overload.

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