Tuesday, July 8

5th of July

Finally, I'm able to post my 4th of July video.  Blogger was being a pain yesterday and failing whenever I would try and post it.  

But anyways.  My 4th of July was actually pretty quiet.  After the excitement of house hunting on Thursday (more on that later) I just wanted to relax on Friday so thats what I did.  Having a pounding headache all day also contributed to wanting to stay home.  I was able to sit on my balcony and watch the Owatonna fireworks, that was enough excitement for me. 

Saturday was a coworkers annual 4th of July party.  Her husband and his friend always go big and get the good fireworks from Wisconsin and put on quite the show.  

So here is a little video of the 4th of July firework display at  my friend's house.  

I'll go ahead now and apologize for the lousy quality.  All I had was my cell phone camera to take quick video snippets.  Then the other night I discovered a computer program that came with my Mac that let me put video clips, titles, and music all into one movie.  I had a bit of fun with it, as you can see. 


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  1. I wanna hear the full update on the townhouse!!!! You put in an offer?!?!?! Eeeekkkkssss!!!! BLOG! BLOG! BLOG!