Monday, June 30

My Choice

As Wednesday gets closer I find myself pleading with the Universe:

"Please let things go well on Wednesday."

"If things go well and everything works out I'll even start recycling.  Voluntarily"

"See, I'm even using reusable bags at the grocery store.  Progress."

"Now just let me qualify for a home loan. Please?"

I still haven't made up my mind on if I want to buy a townhouse.  But I at least want it to be my decision to do it or not to do it.  It would pretty much suck to go to the bank on Wednesday only to find out that they reject me.  I would hate for them to make the decision on my future homeowner status.  Thus pleading to the Universe.  

Wednesday is the Mortgage Consultant appointment.  

Wish me luck.


  1. I'll be thinking of you!
    Hopefully there will be good news to read when I get back from celebrating the 4th up in GR/DR!

  2. Good luck! Wow. My friend is growing up....yikes. :) We should hang out soon chica - I miss you!