Thursday, June 26

Out of the Blue

I know I should wright an update.  But for the life of me I don't know where to begin.  Nothing has really happened in the last week.  But it seems like I've been busy so it feels like there should be noteworthy topics.

Lets see...

A few weeks ago I traveled with my new friend Jamie to her parents home in Wabasha to surprise her Dad on Fathers Day.  This was the day after I had gone to the zoo with the Bain Train and LeFebvre party of 2 (CJ was at his grandparents house for the weekend).  So this is why it felt like I had traveled the state that weekend.  It was a fun road trip and it was nice to see trees and winding roads again instead of the flat, endless farmland we have around Owatonna.  Since it was Sunday we even made the trip across to Wisconsin to buy a bottle of wine for an amazing dinner that her parents made.  

The following week at work was a busy one.  It went from a drought to a flood of work it what seemed like 2.3 seconds.  But I suppose thats all I should say about that.

Last weekend continued my road trip around Minnesota.  I drove up north for the weekend.  Friday started out to be full of apprehension about the trip: gas prices vs. the bank account and thinking about the potential heavy Grandmas Marathon traffic on I35N.  It ended up to be a pretty good trip.  Traffic wasn't too bad, and I never paid over 3.90 for gas.  Considering the nations average was over 4.10 that weekend, I was grateful.  And how sad is it that I was grateful to pay only 3.89?  I even travelled with Ruby, and she didn't seem to freak out too bad over the change of location.

Sunday I had a date with someone I met on PoF ({Plenty of Fish).  We met in Lakeville for a small bite to eat.  It wasn't a bad date...but it wasn't great either.  The connection just didn't seem to be there.  Which is fine, they can't all be great, right?

That brings me to this week.  Work continues to be busy and doesn't show any signs of letting up.  Which is ok by me.  I prefer to be busy like this.  Jamie and I have to hanging out a lot, two single girls looking for love in a town we moved to because of a job opportunity.   

The other night we got to talking over a couple of half price appetizers at Applebees and the topic of moving in together came up.  Sure we've only known each other for a few months, but our personalities seem to fit well together, we already spend a lot of time together, and we could both stand to save some money.  We both knew there would be pros and cons to this situation so we just left it at we'll think about it and keep our eyes out for a good place to rent.  The next day a coworker/friend of mine sees that I'm looking up apartments for rent in town and mentions that the townhouse two doors down from her is for sale.  Next thing I know Jamie and I are checking out her townhouse to get an idea of the layout and area.  Wait, what just happened here?  We went from talking about moving in together, to me looking at a townhouse to possibly buy.  


Trust me, I'm not going to be rushing into anything.  I'm just seeing what my options are.  I'm not going to do something that just ends up getting me in over my head.  I would only do this if I could afford it without Jamie paying me rent.  Looking at the places available in Owatonna, I think a townhouse is my best option.  And we are thinking about this logically, and have talked about singing leases and how long she plans on sticking around Owatonna.  

It kind of scares the crap out of me to even be thinking about this, but hey I might as well see what my options are, right?

Bet you didn't expect this when you checked in with The Single Sister today, did you?

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  1. I say go for it! Its a great time to buy!