Wednesday, June 11

Virtual Age

Someone at work sent me this link for a Virtual Age Calculator.  It asks questions about you life and how healthy you are and calculates your Virtual Age and how old you may live.  Of course its probably not all that accurate, but it was still kind of fun.  

Here's my stats:

Actual Age - 24
Virtual Age - 10.7 (how come I don't feel 10?)
Life Expectancy - 87.3 (not bad)

Check out the link below to find out your virtual age...and if your brave go ahead and post it in the comments!


  1. Actual age - 23
    Virtual age - 25.8

    Life expectancy - 71.2

    guess i'm too stressed out. :)

  2. Apparently, I'm going to live another 20,300 more days.
    Biological Age - 30
    Virtual Age - 18.3 (yeah, right!)
    Life expectancy - 85.7

    I'm sure this body will break down before than; however, it was fun to go through and do your little test!

  3. Biological Age - 38
    Virtual Age - 29.7
    Life Expectancy - 83.3

    Woo hoo! :)