Sunday, June 8


I had heard mixed reviews on the new Sex and The City movie. Of course it wasn't going to keep me from seeing the movie with my three long-time girlfriends. But after reading thehansonhattrick post Friday night, Getting Carried Away, I knew I was going to enjoy it. She was right when she said that the girls defiantly didn't dissapoint, she was right when she said it made you reflect on your friendships in life, and she was right when she said it was the perfect movie to go see with your girlfriends (next girls night movie? He's Just Not That Into You).

I read her post on the SATC movie now and think, "Dito". There were so many highs and lows that it felt like I needed to eat a 4 pound cheesecake when the movie was over. Watching the women on SATC go through their highs and lows made me think of my own highs and lows in my dating life. It was a good remembrance though, even though I felt like eating a 4 pound cheesecake, it wasn't over my own dating life. That 4 pound cheesecake was for Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte, and Samantha. My friends always compared me with Charlotte, the forever hopeless romantic who always knew her man was out there even after being heart broken so many times. But in this movie I sympathized more with Miranda and Carrie. It made me think of my own on-again-off-again-never-ending-romance with The Marine. Finding out last fall that he is getting married to the girl that ultimately ended our on-again-off-again-never-ending-romance was the ultimate test in how I still felt about him. Turns out, I'm finally over it. But every now and again I still think about him and how he's doing. The temptation was too great last night when Sam had her myspace up. (His myspace is private so I can't see it, but Sam is still one of his friends so she can still see it.) So she reluctantly went to it, knowing there were new pictures up. New pictures of his Hawaii wedding on the beach. They were beautiful.

Of course seeing him happy made me think about the good times. And guess what? It didn't make me sad!

This is progress people.

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  1. Here's to progress!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie and you attended it with some great girl friends too! I'm sure you were laughing and crying just as much as I was. (Well maybe I did a bit more crying... everyone knows I have some serious emotional issues!)
    Your Mr. Wonderful is out there somewhere, Emily. I just wish he would quit hiding! :)
    I'm thinking of you and hoping you have a great Sunday!