Thursday, June 19

Renters Insurance

I has it.  

How about you?

A coworkers niece just lost everything in an apartment fire.  Because she's a full time student, they were told she would be covered under her parents homeowners insurance.  But since its summer and she's not technically in school at the moment she won't be covered.  Stupid loopholes.  

It just makes me think of all my friends who are in apartments.  

If you don't have renters insurance, go get it right now.

I've had renters insurance from day one since I graduated college.  For me its not that expensive, $13 a month.  There are just too many things that can go wrong.  Sure you know that you won't leave the stove on, or that you won't let candles burn overnight.  But what about the neighbor down the hall?  Or the shady building managers/repairmen, who knows what loopholes they find to save a few bucks in repairs.  (Ok, I'm not saying that ALL building managers and repairmen and owners are shady.)  

Renters Insurance.  Its a good thing.

Here ends my public service announcement for the day.  

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