Tuesday, May 13

Didn't realize my dating life could be summed up in 40 pounds.

I know things have been quiet at The Single Sister.  No, don't worry, I haven't been sitting in the corner eating a 4 pound cheesecake.  I really have no excuse.  And I just realized thats the second time I referenced cheesecake and some of you haven't heard the story behind that one.  I'm not sure which failed relationship sparked the 4 pound cheesecake phenomenon.  Was it one of mine?  Or Sarah's?  Anyone remember? 

Anywho, its kind of become a custom in my close group of friends that when one of us finds ourselves in a doomed relationship, we eat cheesecake.  Specifically a Sam's Club 4 Pound Cheesecake.  Nothing spells heartbreak relief like 4 pounds of cheesecake.  Now, if I ate a 4 pounds of cheesecake after every failed relationship that I've had in the last few years.....yikes.  Well thats a sight we wouldn't want to see.  That would be at least 40 pounds of cheesecake on these hips.  *shudder*  We save the 4 pounder for the major breakups and heartbreaks.  

So lets move on shall we?  So I cleaned out my camera and sorted through a months worth of pictures stored up on my memory card.  I'll end this post with a few of my favorites, and some added ones that Samantha took for me. Hopefully they will distract you from any cheesecake cravings this post may have caused.

Reagan and Rylee cruising in CJ's Mustang.
(I honestly couldn't tell you who is who)
Every time I look at this photo I flash forward to when 
they turn 16...and to Jason's anxiety level raising.

These pictures of the May Day Parade in Minneapolis are
courtesy of Samantha.  It was a beautiful Sunday to watch a parade.

Since I'm always the photographer in my family I hardly
get pictures taken of me.  Most of the time thats fine by me.
But it is nice to know that I do exist in picture form.
Me and the May Day Parade.

Samantha's Boyfriend Chris and I at the May Day Parade.

And this one of the little guy is from almost a month ago now.
But I just love his facial expression.  
He's lookin' at something thinking,
"I was born into one crazy family, can't wait to get bigger and join in."


  1. welcome back!! you've been missed!


  2. Good to see you back on the blog scene! :)

  3. Oh, how I've missed you! :)
    If I didn't see anything new on your blog I was going to post a certain pirate picture of you that I took at CJ's birthday party to cheer you up. Perhaps I'll still post it... It's quite the photo and Jason is giving quite the look in the background.
    Anyway, I've been thinking about you and hoping all is well.