Wednesday, November 26

Sexy Scents? Seriously?

Its Wednesday morning at work and I'm heading down to the breakroom for a morning coffee.  As I'm waiting for the coffee to dispense from the machine I see the latest People magazine on the table and its the Sexiest Man Alive issue.  I start flipping through and it falls open to Michael Phelps.  Well that doesn't surprise me that he's in there.  Of course he's wearing his trademark low-hip-hugging-just-a-centimeter-lower-we-could-see-mini-phelps-pants.  But surprisingly thats not what first catches my eye.  Its the caption next to his neck saying "RUB HIS NECK to smell his sexy scent" that I first see.



Scratch and Sniff Phelps?

I turn a page back.  Yep, Chris Meloni - Scratch and Sniff. Taye Diggs - Scratch and Sniff.  Chase Crawford - Scratch and Sniff. 

Its a whole section featuring guys and their Sexy Scents "What fragrances make these guys feel their sexiest? Rub the pictures to find out!"  

This disturbs me on many levels.  First of all, who wants to be caught smelling a picture of Michael Phelps.  Can we say creepy?  Secondly, I get that they are telling us what cologne they wear, but it just sounds....bad.   Smell his sexy scent?  I guess when I read that my mind goes to the gutter.  

Its just weird.  

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