Friday, November 14

Two of My Favorite Things

Here are two of my favorite things...and how I managed to combine them.

Thing Number 2:  

Once again, another site by the creators of and (making fun of all things politics).  This site compares people/things and how the may look like other people/things.  Ok, that wasn't a very good description.  Here are some of the examples.

Ok, now that your familiar with Totally Looks Like.  Moving on.

Thing Number 1:  Grey's Anatomy

I. Love. This. Show. Period.  The relationships, the gore, the medical mysteries.  Its been said that this season isn't quite up to par with past seasons.  But I still love it.  *SPOILER ALERT (if you haven't seen last nights episode)* I love how the have managed to bring Denny back.  Even thought this means that Izzy is probably coming unglued.  (Writers writing her out of the show?  Maybe?)  

Ok, how have I brought these two together?

For you Grey's Anatomy watchers that are reading this.  You know the new doctor?  The tough military dude with red hair who cuts first then asks questions?  Yeah, that one that totally made out with Yang?  Yep.  

He totally looks like Vincent van Gogh.

Ever since he (Kevin McKidd) started on the show I always picture an earless van Gough.  So much so that I had to create my own look likes on  So thats my handiwork so you should go and vote on it!

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  1. Good one! That totally confirms it, you are an artsy girl! I would never have thought of van Gogh! Mom