Monday, November 17

Blissfully Boring

That's how my weekend went.  Blissfully boring and I loved it.

Friday night was fun. I had a Splurge Party at Maurices.  Invited my friends to come to Maurices after they closed and had a little shopping party.  Everyone got 15% off their purchases and had fun trying on (and eventually buying) lots of clothes.  Jamie had her Mary Kay lady come and give makeup tips and finally got me over my unnatural fear of eyeliner.  I don't know why, but I've never learned how or tried to apply eyeliner correctly.  I have a theory that my fear and timidness of eyeliner (and eye makeup in general) comes from all those years of applying HEAVY BLACK eye makeup for Danceline in high school.  So I was eased into it on Friday, and I'm starting out slowly.  Anyone need any Mary Kay makeup?  Apparently I'm having a party on December 1st.

So that was the extent of my excitement for the weekend.  Saturday and Sunday I had the apartment to myself and I did a lot of tv watching, Wii playing, and snoozing.  Perfection.  

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