Thursday, December 4

No Advil in the last 6+ hours?

That means its time to celebrate!  The strep is on its way out!

For the last 36 hours or so I've been taking 2 Advil almost every 4 hours to avoid the sore throat, stiff neck, body ache, and try to fend off the throbbing headache.  But I just realized that I haven't taken one since......ummm.....noon?  This must be the light at the end of the tunnel.  The kiwi sized tonsils are now down to a peach pit...ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.  But thats how they felt!

While I didn't have quite the level of strep that Erin had back in June when she was begging for Vicodin, this was definitely the worst sore throat I had ever had.  (Reading back to Erin's post, I realize strep has the ability to make grown women cry to their moms out of misery.  I don't remember doing that with a cold or the flu in the past few years.  But boy was I crying on Wednesday, twice.)  I'm typically not someone to go to the doctor for everything, but I waited for nothing (ok, maybe I at least waited for the clinic to open) Wednesday morning to make an appointment as soon as possible.  I've never had strep before but, but I knew this must be it.  This level of sore throat wasn't bearable any longer.  The doc did a rapid strep test and it came back positive.  Whew, didn't have to go through more tests.  She wrote me a note for work and a script for antibiotics and sent me home with strict instructions to do nothing for the next two days.

And that's exactly what I've done.  Hopefully all the sick is done and gone.  Between the cold last week before Thanksgiving, then the migraine on Friday, then thinking I had the flu on Tuesday which just ended up being strep on Wednesday...I'm done being sick!

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  1. oh dear. Strep as an adult is just wretched. I'm glad you're on the mend! Antibiotics are wonderful things.