Tuesday, November 4

Undecided? Want to make sure you voted correctly today?

I headed to work early today in hopes that A. I would stop and vote on the way or B. be able to leave during the day to vote if there were long lines.  Lines?  What lines?  I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were no lines. I was able to register and vote in under 10 minutes.  Now I'm at work early killing some time in the interwebs.  A coworker emailed me this site that I thought I would share with you.  Its a quiz.  A series of quotes from Obama and McCain on some of the hot topics and you choose which one you most agree with.  In the end it matches up the quotes to the candidate and tells you who you agreed with the most.  

Thankfully I voted correctly this morning according to the quotes that I most agreed with.  Thanks goodness, I don't think they give do-overs at the polling places.  

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