Thursday, August 14

Am I crazy enough?

This week is the Steele County FREE Fair in Owatonna.  Apparently its the states largest FREE county fair.  When I first moved down here I was always baffled by this because I thought all county fairs had free admission.  Apparently not.  

Last night The Roomie and I went out to the fair to get something to eat.  Mmmmm Piggy Blues Loaded Baked Potato.  Every year I have to get at least one of these during fair week.  Its a baked potato that I swear is baked in a vat of butter, topped with shredded pork, nacho cheese, and sour cream.  Sooo yummy.  You can also add jalapanios and onions if you like that gross stuff.  ;)  

While wandering the fair with our friend Derik later that night we went to check out The Sling Shot.  Have you ever seen this ride?  The ride where you sit in a ball that is attached to two huge towers and you get propelled through the air only to get pulled back down by the bungee cords?  Here is a video: Sling Shot

Somehow Derik and The Roomie have talked me into doing this on Friday night.  I had my glasses on last night and if I was going to die on this ride (I've come up with at least three scenarios in which this happens) I want to at least be able to see it.  So we decided that Friday night would be a good night to die do it.  

Now here is the I crazy enough to go through with this?  


  1. My vote?
    GO FOR IT!
    That is something I would have definitely done hands down a couple of years ago. Nowadays I would probably chicken out.
    It must be the age...

  2. After Rylee's experience at the Wild Rice Festival, I wouldn't risk it!