Friday, August 8

Will Work for Clothes

My future Roomie is the manager of my favorite clothing store.  Anyone that knows me, knows which store it is that I'm referring too.  And its by pure coincidence she and I became friends and not because of all the money time money I spend shopping there.  This clothing store gets new products in daily and the amount has only been increasing since the new fall stuff is coming in for back to school.  They were struggling a bit to get everything done so she hired me for some "Casual Labor" today.  Pretty much "Casual Labor" translates into "Freight Girl" which translates into "See the boxes of clothes? Unwrap, put sensors on, and put on hangers for us to put out onto the floor."

So thats what I did today for 7 hours.  I made pretty good progress today.  Sadly she can't hire me for a regular "Freight Girl" position since it would be a slight conflict of interest on her part to hire her friend.  So today was just a one time thing most likely.  Or at least until they need to catch up again.

The best part of today (or one of the best parts) was getting to do some guilt free shopping when I was done.  Since she was able to pay me right away, and it was unplanned money, I just turned around and did some shopping.  

7 hours of work roughly equals 2 shirts.  

Not too bad.

The other fun part of my day? Getting to raid Erin's scrapbooking room.  We're bartering; scrapbook supplies for jewelry.

The only down side is that I'm supposed to be downsizing on my scrapbooking supplies and moving stuff out of my second bedroom/computer room/scrapbooking room.  And I just hauled a good amount of new stuff back into said room.

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